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Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Start with a website foundation that delivers...

Website Hosting Solutions

When it comes to the foundation of your website, the hosting (where your website lives) is important. It has to be there to deliver every time!  We provide hosting for our clients to make sure that there is no gap in the delivery of our online marketing services.  From full-blown websites to individual landing pages, from eCommerce sites to simple opt-in pages – we have the solution that delivers.  

Our web servers are maintained through GoDaddy’s wholesale delivery system, guaranteeing a 99.9% uptime performance.  But the important part is that we can configure, monitor and maintain the websites directly for a seamless experience for our clients. Website hosting is included with most of our business marketing packages, or we can work with your website hosting provider as well.

Domain Research & DNS Management

Bluewater Digital Media does extensive research with respect to website domain names, to match specific objectives with the marketing plan. Variances, misspellings, extensions, domain age, rank and reputation all play a vital part in preparing the correct domain for marketing purposes.

In addition, Bluewater Digital Media also manages the DNS records to make sure that the visibility and performance of the website is optimal. MX, CNAME and TXT records all have to work in conjunction with each other, and perform for the benefit of the marketing structure.

Website Security & SSL

In today’s environment, security is of paramount concern for our clients. Brute force attacks, hacks, breaches, and malicious code can sink a website – and a company’s reputation in no time.  We maintain and monitor firewalls and trackers to check activity 24/7, which alerts us to any unusual activity so that we can prevent catastrophic failures or interruptions to website services.  There is nothing worse that a prospect who we spent a lot of time and effort to get to your website -who finds that the site isn’t working.

Another factor in today’s internet world, is that websites have to have SSL encryption.  In fact many marketing strategies – including Google listings – fail without having an SSL certificate in place. At Bluewater Digital Media, we automatically include and install SSL certificates with each of the marketing websites that we develop for our clients.  It’s nice to know you’re in good hands…

E-Commerce Websites

At Bluewater Digital Media, we have extensive experience with eCommerce sites of all types.  If your marketing solution demands any type of eCommerce, including product sales, services, ticketed events, consulting or professional services that are sold online – then we have the right solution.

Our designers create multi-faceted solutions with WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Amazon, and many others to create a seamless customer experience.  Combined with autoresponder drip marketing campaigns, integrated CRM systems and client retention programs, we can increase sales and customer value. Ask us about a solution for you!

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