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About Us

We are a full-service online marketing agency dedicated to customized business solutions
that generate and sustain growth. We lead with purpose, and we walk with you every step
along your journey.

Go there with us...

Successful businesses are built on partnerships.  We understand that.

The world of marketing is changing at lightning speed. To capture your market effectively, you need an agile partner to help lead you forward — not by taking the well-worn path, but by exploring every opportunity to prepare you for tomorrow. We understand that too.

What we stand for...

Forward is the only direction we know.

Every day, we live out our mission to enhance and protect our clients’ value.

With a laser focus on our clients’ needs, we enhance value by delivering transformation-enabling services and helping you stay focused on what’s most important.

Protecting your value means helping you navigate new marketing channels correctly, identifying and reaching the right markets, and improving the way you work.

We make your business our business — and we’re alongside you through the crests and valleys.  Just the way a good partner should be.

Who we are...

Passionate. Curious. Driven.

At Bluewater Digital Media, we have a sincere passion for what we do.  We are constantly trying to find ways to enhance the customer experience, and find out “what makes them tick” – to deliver the maximum benefit to our clients.  We spend time discovering YOUR passion so that we can match that to your audience!

And we are constantly trying to find new ways of doing things. We are curious about new technologies, new market trends, why prospects visit certain sites and what they do – and why. 

And then we are driven to find success for our clients.  Driven to exceed the expectations and results so that each experience leads both you and your customer to receive greater value than expected – and come away with long-term business relationships.

It’s about the people.  The people you work with, the people you serve, and the people who you spend your valuable time with.  We understand the importance of that…

Committed to growth

There are plenty of “short-term” agencies out there who will help set up a campaign, or design a site.  But do they really care about the long-term plan?  No.  But Bluewater Digital is different – we care about your long-term success. We truly partner with our clients and are committed to their growth and well-being.  Just one discussion with us – and you’ll know our approach is different.  Try us…

Our journey

Honoring our roots. Shaping our future.

Our firm was created in 2024 by a team of dedicated professionals with over 50 years of marketing experience in a variety of industries.

We have combined with more than 50 different firms, growing our presence coast to coast and internationally.

Our journey has taken us from a local to a regional to a global firm — building on our culture of passion, innovation and collaboration and always searching for the next best way to work, serve and connect.

Integrity: Our cornerstone

In our profession, integrity and trust are nonnegotiable. Our clients trust us to handle sensitive information and guide their business. Our people trust us to make the right decisions for our organization — and make good on our promises.

Integrity is the cornerstone of our relationships with clients and each other, building trust and protecting our reputation, which is why integrity is one of Bluewater’s core values.

Throughout the year, we keep ethics front of mind with top-notch training, including annual independence compliance and automated investment monitoring, an ethics training road map, access to an ethics hotline and a code of ethics that guides us every day.

Technology training

The Bluewater team undergoes regular training on the latest technology platforms available.

Vendor Certifications

The team is certified by various vendors to perform programming tasks and implement the latest proven strategies working for companies around the world.

Our Leadership

Heather Acker

Managing Partner

Ann Blakely

Managing Partner

Gary Boyd

Managing Partner

Monica Dalwadi

Managing Partner

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